Moles (Talpa europaea) are small mammals superbly adapted to their unique lifestyle below the surface of the earth.  Powerful forelimbs coupled with large paws and a cylindrical body is designed for effective digging.  Other helpful additions are smooth velvet fur with tiny eyes and ears.

The mole almost exclusively feeds on earthworms BUT will eat other small invertebrates.  The mole uses a network of tunnels to trap the worms and also has the ability to catch and store these worms in underground larders.

Moles are considered to be a pest when encroaching into valued farmlands, domestic lawn areas, golf course or race courses.

Problems likely to be caused are: Silage contamination with soil, Machinery damage with exposed stones, plant damage by exposing root systems and lawn damage.

Moles can be trapped or gassed with products containing Phosphine gas.  (Gassing should only be carried out by trained professionals)

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