A much smaller rodent than the Rat.  House Mice (Mus musculus) is distinguished from other species of mice by its tail length (about same length as its body).  Body size 3 – 10 cm and habitat, normally indoors.  They are almost always found indoors in all types of buildings. Primarily the main pest problem with mice is that of Mus musculus other mouse species can cause problems to a lesser degree.

The House Mouse possesses tremendous breeding potential in ideal conditions.  i.e. Gestation period = 3 weeks.  Litter size = 4 – 16.  Number of litters per year = 7 – 8.  Period from birth to sexual maturity = 8 – 12 weeks.

The preferred food of mice is cereal but they will feed on most foodstuffs.  House Mice normally are ground living but can climb with ease and will occupy all levels of buildings.  A peculiarity of mice is that they can survive without drinking water, deriving moisture from foodstuffs.  The senses of smell, taste and hearing are well developed enabling it to move with ease in complete darkness.

Control of mice is of importance due to them carrying diseases such as Salmonellosis which causes intestinal infections passed to humans through contaminated food.

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