Flies belong to the order called DIPTERA and possess only a single pair of flying wings.  Flies have four stages of development i.e. egg, larva, pupa and adult.

Many fly larva develop in foodstuffs.  These are legless and normally dependant on moisture.  The main fly species are:

House Fly – Musca domestica – likely to be found in waste, rubbish tips, farms, restaurants etc.

Lesser House Fly – Fannia canicularis – likely to be found on poultry farms.

Blow Fly – Calliphora and Lucilia  likely to be found in meat and fish premises, farm, dead animals.

Fruit Fly – Drosphila – likely to be found in fruit and veg stores, bars and restaurants.

Cluster Fly – Pollenia rudis, Musca autumnalis, Thaumatomyia notata – likely to be found in roof spaces.

Filter Fly – Psychodidae – likely to be found in sewers and drains.

Identification of the adult fly is paramount in achieving control because this

will indicate the likely location of the breeding site.  Control is important due to diseases that can be carried by these flies.  Flies may go directly from drains, waste, animal excreta to human foodstuffs.

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